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Behind the scenes of Threads for web

When Threads first launched one of the top feature requests was for a web client. In this episode of the Meta Tech Podcast, Pascal Hartig...

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How the New Einstein for Developers Streamlines Your Workflow

In our latest article for our “Engineering Energizers” Q&A series, we meet Christopher Williams, Vice President of Software Engineering. With over 17 years at Salesforce under his belt, Christopher today leads the development of Einstein for Developers. From eliminating time-consuming tasks to providing intelligent code completions, this groundbreaking tool empowers developer productivity and revolutionizes the way developers work. Join Chris’s team as they revolutionize Einstein, overcoming tough technical challenges and pioneering exciting new features — giving developers on platform the critical edge for taking their game to the next level. How does Einstein for Developers empower developer productivity? Einstein for Developers is a next-gen AI tool that eliminates the need for developers to spend time on tasks like...

Should You Consider Rebranding?

The post Should You Consider Rebranding? appeared first on ClickZ.

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