World Green Nutrition, Inc. Announces Expansion of Recall of Tejocote Products Due to the Presence of Yellow Oleander


Company Announcement Date:
April 03, 2024

FDA Publish Date:
April 04, 2024

Product Type:
Food & Beverages

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Recall Reason Description
Product contains yellow oleander.

Company Name:
World Green Nutrition, Inc.

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Product Description:

Product Description

Elv Control Herbal Supplement

Company Announcement

World Green Nutrition, Inc is announcing the expansion of their January 12, 2024 recall to include GREEN ELV NUTRITION brand Elv Control Herbal Supplement 90 capsules, due to the presence of yellow oleander. These additional products have been found via random FDA testing to contain yellow oleander, a poisonous plant native to Mexico and Central America. The consumption of yellow oleander can cause adverse effects on neurological, gastrointestinal, and cardiovascular health that can be serious or even fatal. Symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, abdominal pain, heart changes, arrhythmia, and more.

The product ELV Control Herbal Supplement 90 capsules under recall is only sold through authorized distributors and not through e-commerce platforms or in physical stores, since World Green Nutrition does not make sales through these means and they are not authorized sales channels.

For easier identification of the product in question, it is noted that it comes in a white container; blue lid; and marked with the batch’s: N1082701 (EXP: 050328), GESPM240622 (EXP: 071324), GESPM300622 (EXP:071324), GESPM050722 (EXP:071324), 190620230009B (EXP:061928), 190620231573678B (EXP:062828) and 280620231573678BA (EXP:062828).

To date, this company has not received reports of illnesses related to the consumption of this product; however, the recall from the market began after the Food and Drug Administration found it to contain Yellow Oleander.

Consumers should stop consuming the recalled products. Consumers who have purchased the recalled lots of ELV Control Herbal Supplement 90 capsules can return them to the place where they made their purchase to obtain an exchange for another product marketed by the company or dispose of the products. Consumers with questions can contact the company at +1 (956) 612 -8408 (Monday- Friday 10:00 am-5:00 pm CT). Finally, it is important to mention that for the exchange to be valid, it is necessary that the product corresponds to the one sold by World Green Nutrition, Inc., since in the case of apocryphal or pirated products that have been acquired outside the network from authorized distributors, they cannot be exchanged for other products.

Marketing of the product will continue with a new formulation that ensures compliance with US laws.

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World Green Nutrition, Inc.

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