What’s it like to interview at Lyft? Our recruiting team spills the secrets. | by Kris Lopatovska

Interviewing with a tech company doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Lyft’s team of recruiters supports our talented candidates through every step of the process, from the first getting-to-know-you call, all the way through the offer letter. Our goal is to make your recruiting journey smooth and predictable — and to give you the best opportunity to demonstrate your strengths, learn from our incredible team, and walk away from each conversation with a smile! 😃Here’s what to expect, plus a few tips to maximize your success:How we interviewFirst, an intro call with a recruiter: after you apply to one of our roles, a recruiter will reach out and set up time to chat about your background, interest in Lyft, and the open role.Then, a technical screen: most tech positions will start with a Technical Phone Screen (TPS), where we evaluate your basic qualifications (e.g. algorithms, data structures, etc.) over Google Meet. These typically last around 45 minutes.Going deeper — the virtual onsite: if you pass the TPS, the next step is several technical sessions to test and understand your different areas of expertise (e.g. architecture, coding, management skills, etc.). This typically includes four interviews, with the opportunity to meet multiple interviewers, so you can get a good idea of who we are!*May vary based on the position.After the virtual onsiteAll our interviewers share extensive, detailed feedback with the recruiter — after lots of conversation and consideration, the team reaches a final decision. Your recruiter will work to keep you updated as much as possible during this stage.And voilà! If all has gone well, your much-deserved Lyft offer is on the table. At this point, your recruiter will reach out again to address any final questions and provide support through your first day of work.Tips & tricksHere are a few more tips to help you ace the process:Ask questions! Your interviewer is on your side: use them as a resource, ask questions, discuss trade-offs, and make sure you’re on the same page. Interview tasks can be challenging, and a clarifying question could make all the difference.Keep an eye on the time: a technical interview takes anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes, so focus on the main problem, ask brief clarifying questions, and watch the clock.Show your work: We’re not always looking for a right or wrong answer — we’re more interested in understanding how you solve a problem or arrive at a solution. And forget about memorizing abstract formulas or definitions, our interviews focus on your hands-on experience and ability to ask thoughtful questions.While individual tasks may be challenging, the process should never be overwhelming, and we’re focused on giving you the space to rise to the challenge. We have high standards for our team and high standards for you— that’s how we build an amazing workplace where you can do the best work of your career. It all starts here, with your interview. Are you ready to take the leap?Visit Lyft Careers to see our openings.