Using a Multimodal Document ML Model to Query Your Documents | by Eivind Kjosbakken | Apr, 2024

Leverage the power of the mPLUG-Owl document understanding model to ask questions about your documentsEivind Kjosbakken·FollowPublished inTowards Data Science·9 min read·19 hours ago–ShareThis article will discuss the Alibaba document understanding model, recently released with model weights and datasets. It is a powerful model capable of performing various tasks such as document question answering, extracting information, and document embedding, making it a helpful tool when working with documents. This article will implement the model locally and test it out on different tasks to give an opinion on its performance and usefulness.This article will discuss the latest model within document understanding. Image by ChatGPT. OpenAI. (2024). ChatGPT (4) [Large language model].· Motivation· Tasks· Running the model locally· Testing of the model∘ Data∘ Testing the first, leftmost receipt:∘ Testing the second, rightmost receipt:∘ Testing the first, leftmost lecture note:∘ Testing the second, rightmost lecture note· My thoughts on the model· Conclusion