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How an innovative fibre routing system can save you the cabling headache

By Peter Thickett 21st March 2023   Filed under: General  Comments: Comments Off on How an innovative fibre routing system can...

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Where’s My Data — A Unique Encounter with Flink Streaming’s Kinesis Connector | by Seth Saperstein

For years now, Lyft has not only been a proponent of but also a contributor to Apache Flink. Lyft’s pipelines have evolved drastically over the years, yet, time and time again, we run into unique cases that stretch Flink to its breaking points — this is one of those times.While Lyft runs many streaming applications, the one specifically in question is a persistence job. Simply put, it streams data from Kinesis, performs some level of serializations and transformations, and writes to S3 every few minutes.Flink pipeline for persisting data from Kinesis to S3.In this case, it persists a hefty majority of events generated at Lyft, occurring at a rate of 80 gigabytes per minute on...

Unleashing the Power of Content Calendars: Tips & Tools for Content Organization

Picture this: you’re a juggler, trying to keep multiple balls in the air while balancing on a tightrope. The balls represent your blog posts, social media updates, videos, and email campaigns, each demanding attention and threatening to throw you off balance. As you struggle to keep up, you realize that you need a safety net—a way to organize and plan your content creation efforts to maintain equilibrium and put on a spectacular show for your audience.Enter the content calendar, your trusty sidekick that ensures each piece of content takes the stage at the perfect moment, captivating your audience and leaving them clamoring for more. But just as a circus act requires careful planning and preparation, creating...

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