Enhancing Readability of Python Code via Annotations | by Marcin Kozak | Apr, 2024

PYTHON PROGRAMMINGAnnotations are a powerful development tool. Read this article to learn how and where to use them.Code annotations work like highlighting with markers. Photo by Mitchell Luo on UnsplashCode clarity is both a virtue and a necessity. If you write clear and readable code, other developers will be able to understand it, users will understand how to use it, and even the future you will appreciate it, as with time most of us forget details of the code we implement. Code clarity gets more and more important with the increasing size of the project and the codebase.Among programming languages, Python offers very readable code. Or rather, it can offer very readable code — but you need to know how to make it readable. I’d even say that Python gained such popularity for several reasons, an important of them being code readability. Hence, it’s our responsibility to write good Python code. And for this, we need tools.Code clarity is both a virtue and a necessity.There are plenty of tools to improve Python code quality. First of all, we need to write code that meets the standards of good Python code, and these are provided by PEP 8: