Building your C++ Code with CMake in VS Code

Build systems can help you manage your C++ project as it grows in scope and complexity, whether you are adding new features, dependencies, or cross-platform support. A popular choice in the C++ community is CMake which supports cross-platform development, streamlines build processes and configurations, and has many levels of customization. It also has first class support both in Visual Studio and in VS Code via the CMake Tools extension.  
Check out our recent video on the steps you need to take to install and configure CMake in VS Code:    

This video walks you through every step of the process:  

What is a build system? Why do you need it?  
Installing CMake and the CMake Tools Extension 
Creating a CMakeLists.txt file 
How to use CMakePresets in your project 
How to configure, build, and run your CMake project  

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